Today I Walked Among Them

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Today I walked among them.  Standing in rows and columns, spaced precisely apart.  Straight at attention, in death, as they were in life. Twice a day for the past 7.5 years I have passed them.  They silently peer out at me as I drive by.  Surrounded by flowers and flags, as neatly spaced as they are.   They are warmed by the heat of the …

Hope - Don't Lose Yourself

Hope – Don’t Lose Yourself

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On May 7th my boss sent me an invite to join in a zoom meeting with Frank DeAngelis. Mr. DeAngelis was the principal of Columbine High School 21 years ago, during the Columbine shooting. He was guest speaking at a meeting for our Long Term Care providers. I was stressed with the workload of converting our office to operating remotely and being a calming …