The Challenge

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A couple days ago I issued a challenge:  David was to take photos and I was to write about them.

So here goes:

In our daily lives we often go about our business of work, school, family.  We are inundated with news of hatred and fear. Our lives constantly being bombarded with projects, deadlines, rushing to activities with our children, we often let the moments that could be the most beautiful pass by.  We don't see the beauty that has been given us by a higher power.

The force of nature.

Everyday we are given a beautiful sunrise to remind us we made it thru the night, and a sunset to mark the completion of a day.  Natures life cycle to demonstrate it is more powerful then the small beings who populate this planet.  Flowers wilt and die to become reborn the following spring.  Green leaves turn colors and fall only for the trees to sprout new ones.  Squirrels retreat to their trees in winter and emerge with a new generation.

And, I have to say it, but the gator has been around since prehistoric time to remind us that nature is infinite.  Take a moment each day to stop and look at some aspect of nature every day.

Notice the beauty that is not man made.  Share the experience with your children.  That is my challenge to you.

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