Reflections of the Past

Reflection On The Past

The Thoughts Warrior Random Thoughts

I am sitting in one of the most beautiful spots I’ve ever known. With a majestic view of Mt. Kearsarge and memories that have lasted a lifetime. I packed my bike on the car’s rack this evening and rode thru the streets of New London. Then came on to the campus I love so much. 36 years ago I entered Colby Sawyer as a …

I Don't See Color, I see You

I Don’t See Color, I see You

The Thoughts Warrior Life's Lessons

A year ago I took a class on Cultural Diversity. The class was separated into groups and given cards with different scenarios. One of the cards read a coworker stated to another coworker: “I don’t see your color, I see you”. I was amazed the entire class thought that this was an incredibly racist thing to say. I asked the class and instructors and …