There Is A Stronger Force Than You In The Universe

There Is A Stronger Force Than You In The Universe

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As I start this post I don’t really have a title for it. But hey, random thoughts dont always need one. The other night before bed, after a crap day, I was reading thru Facebook posts of friends. One of my friends in Texas is a Marathon runner, who has run all over the world. She has also beaten breast cancer and since we …

9/11 Remembrance – Little Boy Lost

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For the past 20 years, a photo has sat on my desk at work This photo is not spectacular, or remarkable.  It is a photo taken by a 10-year-old boy on the ferry in NY heading out to Ellis Island.  It was shot with a disposable camera, it is fading, but it is a memory embedded in my mind.  The photo is of the …

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The Path

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Don’t focus on how far you have to go, focus on how far you have come, and then keep going – unknown What is Occipital Neuralgia?  That was my question to the Neurologist.  I had never heard of this condition, nor did I realize in February just how much it was going to impact my life.  The official definition given by the American Association …

Butterflies and Bees

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Yesterday I took a walk on campus during lunchtime. In the peacefulness of the grounds, surrounded by apple trees, butterflies, and bumblebees, it is easy to forget the ugly history of the campus and what lies beneath its grounds.  The world has always struggled with how to treat those whose minds have betrayed them. The true mentally ill are often as locked away from …

Twin Flame

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David gave me another challenge.  Pick the 1 photo that I took to summarize our 1 year together.  This may seem like a simple task, but unfortunately, I can’t do it.  We have had so many adventures this past year, that I have captured, I just can’t pick one.  He on the other hand probably has designed an entire portfolio.  Therefore, I decided to …

Today I Walked Among Them

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Today I walked among them.  Standing in rows and columns, spaced precisely apart.  Straight at attention, in death, as they were in life. Twice a day for the past 7.5 years I have passed them.  They silently peer out at me as I drive by.  Surrounded by flowers and flags, as neatly spaced as they are.   They are warmed by the heat of the …

The Unforgotten Soldier

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All Gave Some, Some Gave All.  You Are Not Forgotten. 70 years ago today a 19-year-old medic, named Clarence, went missing during the May Massacre in Kungwong So Korea.   My mother had just turned 5 years old and was waiting for her uncle to come home to celebrate her birthday as he had promised.  Instead, in Middlebury, Vt an empty casket lays in a …

What A Mother Wants

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What does Mom want for Mother’s Day? It’s Mother’s Day and the question comes up, what to get mom for Mother’s Day.  The answer is so simple and often overlooked.  I am your mom.  I don’t want trinkets, cards or flowers, although always appreciated.  I don’t need to spend a day to myself in a spa, nor do I need you to make special …

"Behind The Lens" Blog Post by Marille Curran | Photographer David Cate

Behind The Lens

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Never underestimate a woman who loves a photographer, and was born in October. In actuality, the tee-shirt that appeared in the Facebook ad said photography, not a photographer. I saw the latter. They should have only added wine in their algorithm I would be fully convinced Facebook is listening. Yes, I am in love with a photographer who is teaching me to love photography.  However, I am …

Ode To My Brother (From the same Mother. And Father)

Ode To My Brother (From the same Mother. And Father)

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“You’ve got to be kidding”, You said to our mother. “You brought home a sister, I wanted a brother”! For months you would tell, Everyone you did see. This is my sister, Her name’s Timothy. Eventually, you warmed up, And the name it did change. However what you called me, Depended on the exchange. You taught me well dear brother. Unconditional love, Is often …

Cultural Appropriation

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What is Cultural Appropriation? The term Cultural Appropriation has become more prevalent in the past decade, but what does it mean?  Cultural Appropriation is the adoption of an element or elements of one culture by another culture or identity.  So for example, certain styles of dancing, changing religious or spiritual beliefs, wearing certain hairstyles, or dressing in clothing from another country can lead to …

Brain Waves

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The brain is a fascinating and complicated organ. Thoughts Warrior has been quiet for a while as I have been going through diagnosis and treatment for a concussion. A beautiful day and planned photoshoot turned into a day of tangled metal and tangled brain. Back story events: It was a beautiful sunny day last month and we decided to track down and capture a …

matthew's fiat


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In the summer of 1990, my brother-in-law, Matthew came to stay at his parents house for what he knew would be his final summer. Matthew had been battling AIDS, then so new, and with so much stigma back then. He had missed our wedding the summer before with “food poisoning”, but he wanted to be home that summer. He had the hope of hanging …


The Eulogy

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Written for my sister in December 2017. Since Brian asked me to do a Eulogy, I have tried several times over the past few days to write this.  For once in my life, I found myself with writer’s block and at a loss for words.  How do you sum up a person’s life in a few short paragraphs? In our early years, Donna was …

truest love poem

Truest Love

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When the waves of the ocean crash on the shore, I long the feel of your touch once more. The gentle cooing of a dove, Reminds me of your peace, your love. This beating heart shall never rest, Since God has given us love to test. Walking together with weary feet, We were destined for our souls to meet. A love that many often …

poem for mom

Poem For Mom

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For my (Step-)Mom March 13, 2013. As the day broke thru to dawn, You drew your last breath and were gone. One month ago today, Angels took you away. Our hearts they still do break, And the pain we feel still aches. Memories swim in our heads, Remembering the words hat you said. Your hopes and wishes for the one you love, Will always …

Missing You

Missing You

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When the rain touches your face It’s my gentle kisses When the sun warms you It’s my arms embracing you When the breeze rustles your hair It’s my laughter When you miss me Just go outside And I’ll be there

The Challenge

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A couple days ago I issued a challenge:  David was to take photos and I was to write about them. So here goes: In our daily lives we often go about our business of work, school, family.  We are inundated with news of hatred and fear. Our lives constantly being bombarded with projects, deadlines, rushing to activities with our children, we often let the …